We will strive to have our commitments to diversity, transparency, humility, innovation, and community be qualities that are said about us, not characteristics that we simply declare. These values serve as our mirror as well as our lens for focused decision-making, internal organizational dynamics, and engagement with external stakeholders.

Diversity Statement

At Second Nature, we recognize the fundamental value of diversity, and the essential role it plays in building a sustainable and positive global future. We are committed to a diverse workplace in which all individuals are treated with dignity and respect, because we believe that an inclusive, supportive environment enables us to thrive, and better meet the needs of our network and the communities we serve.

To us, the term diversity recognizes and encourages social and cultural differences, as well as individual ones. Current and historical inequities create uneven access to opportunities, and we are committed to breaking down those barriers in our work. We understand diversity to be not only the absence of discriminatory behavior or opinions, but also the active support of passionate, smart, and motivated employees and partners from a variety of backgrounds and experiences.

Embracing true diversity involves hiring, engaging, and supporting people who represent many perspectives, think differently, and challenge our assumptions. Diversity is the backbone of an innovative and vibrant organization, and though pursuing it is not always easy — it is vital. We are continually learning, and striving towards growth and action that will allow us to better affirm diversity and equity in our work, and serve as a model of change for others in the field.