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Second Nature Webinar: Climate Services for Your Heroic Campus Goals

May 1, 2019 at 2-3pm ET

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Learn first hand from Second Nature staff about our range of climate services to assist your sustainability team as you reach for your climate action goals. Better than one more Marvel movie, this free webinar will provide insightful explanations and tips from our team: a motley crew of climate resource champs humbled by our own awesomeness and here for you. Help us connect with you and with each other to get you the resources and services you need to continue to put your climate action goals to work. We will also introduce SN “Office Hours” to sign up for one-on-one help with our staff. This webinar, we won’t be wearing capes, but you will see our smiling, heroic faces.

Understand and know how to utilize the diverse climate action services Second Nature provides to its signatory schools

Hear from Steve “Carbon Slayer” Muzzy on the updated Climate Action Plan (CAP) form and review the full list of CAPs that have been submitted and are available for signatories upon request.

Learn about and apply a toolbox of resources and templates Second Nature offers for reaching Resilience Commitments aka “Ruby’s Resources” covered by our very own Ruby Woodside

Hailing from Yale and Texas, Will “Yalie Yall” Elmore will cover taking the first steps towards aggregated LSRE procurement– demystify the process and feel empowered to begin at your institution

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Upcoming & Archived Webinars:

Procuring Wind Power Via Long-term Power Purchase Agreements: Experiences of Three Universities

April 9, 2013

To date, the majority of colleges purchasing wind power have been through short-term contracts (1 – 3 years) for utility products or renewable energy certificates (RECs). Only recently have a few purchased wind via long-term (10+ years) PPAs. This webinar will use the experiences of The Ohio State University, Oklahoma State University, and the University of Oklahoma to explore long-term green power contracts, and questions & issues that schools investigating this option should consider. For a recording of this webinar, please visit EPA

Climate Studies for Minority-Serving Institutions: An Overview of Opportunities with AMS & Second Nature

February 5, 2013

Second Nature is partnering with the American Meteorological Society (AMS) to promote the importance of basic climate science education at all colleges and universities. Join us for a webinar overview of the opportunities offered by the AMS Climate Studies Diversity Project to minority-serving institutions (MSIs) nationwide.


Third-Party Financing of Solar on College and University Campuses

December 13, 2012

Third-party financing, generally through a lease or power purchase agreement (PPA), enables institutions to host a solar system without up front capital costs. This webcast will review the third-party financing models, discuss best practices and common questions, and a case study of how one university used a PPA to install more than 2,150 solar photovoltaic panels across six campus buildings resulting in the largest solar power system in the District of Columbia.


The State of Renewables in Higher Education

November 29, 2012

Second Nature and the U.S. EPA’s Green Power Partnership are collaborating to identify the barriers to expanding renewable energy use among colleges and universities, identify solutions, provide education and training on green power procurement strategies and explore the possibilities of joint purchasing opportunities. To kick-off this partnership, Second Nature and EPA invite you to participate in an interactive event to learn more about trends and possibilities in colleges and universities incorporation of green power onto their campuses, and in their climate reduction goals.