Archived Webinars:

Understanding Climate Impacts: Using Tools and Resources to Prepare Your Campus for a Changing Climate

November 20, 2013

This webinar will address questions such as: What are the current impacts, and the plausible climate impacts in the next few decades to century? What is the National Climate Assessment and how were these scenarios produced? Where can the scenarios be found and how can/should you use them? How do the scenarios specifically relate to Higher Education? Download a pdf version of the slides. 


Community Colleges as Living Laboratories of Sustainability

August 28, 2013

Second Nature and The SEED Center invite you to join a webinar for community colleges interested in enhancing campus sustainability efforts, and providing hands-on learning opportunities to the campus community, through integration of the “living laboratory” concept. This webinar will also introduce SEED’s newly published resource, Eight Elements to Building a Living Lab, and feature St. Clair County Community College’s successes in campus sustainability as part of both the ACUPCC and SEED networks.


Smart Adaptation: How Micro Grids Can Aid in Campus Disaster Planning and Energy Management

May 14, 2013

The impacts of climate change on campus operations can no longer be ignored – campuses must ensure their energy and operational systems can survive and thrive in a changing climate. Micro Grid experts agree that power outages from extreme events can be mitigated if the nation’s electrical infrastructure is made “smart.”  This webinar will discuss Energy Reliability and how solutions such as a Micro Grid will lessen the impact of future blackouts.

Procuring Wind Power Via Long-term Power Purchase Agreements: Experiences of Three Universities

April 9, 2013

To date, the majority of colleges purchasing wind power have been through short-term contracts (1 – 3 years) for utility products or renewable energy certificates (RECs). Only recently have a few purchased wind via long-term (10+ years) PPAs. This webinar will use the experiences of The Ohio State University, Oklahoma State University, and the University of Oklahoma to explore long-term green power contracts, and questions & issues that schools investigating this option should consider. For a recording of this webinar, please visit EPA