Renewable Power Briefing for CFOs and Administrative Leads in Higher Education

Webinar:  May 16, 2019 at 9 am-10 am US East Coast Time

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Renewable energy (RE) has moved from an operational target to a strategic imperative on campuses across the country. Still, it takes strong leadership and support from senior leaders to accelerate cost-effective and impactful RE deployment, given the longer-term contractual nature of large-scale RE procurements (e.g. Power Purchase Agreements) and the associated financial commitment. It is hence critical for campus executives to understand the business case of large-scale RE and to determine whether your campus is well-advised to procure RE alone or in aggregation with other likeminded organizations.

Leveraging the experience and expertise of peers from George Washington University, Washington & Lee University, and CustomerFirst Renewables (CFR), a trusted energy advisor to leading colleges and universities, this webinar seeks to equip CFOs and administrative leaders with what they need to know about large-scale RE procurement. It will help you understand the business case, benefits and risks, as well as strategies to successfully engage and leverage scale through the collaborative nature and purchasing power generated by aggregation.

Speakers in the program will be Steve McAllister, Treasurer and Vice President for Finance and Administration, Washington & Lee University, Meghan Chapple , Director of the George Washington University’s Office of Sustainability and is the Senior Advisor on University Sustainability Initiatives and Gary Farha, President and CEO, CustomerFirst Renewables (CFR), and the moderator is Eric Howard, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Second Nature.

Learning objectives:
** Understand the business case of large-scale renewables procurement for campuses
** Share important considerations for executive leaders
** Understand risks and risk mitigation strategies
** Share insight on successful renewable energy aggregations to leverage economies of scale

Target audience:
** CFOs, Administrative leads, Facility leads, and Procurement leads

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