Archived Webinars:

Resilient Energy Systems: District Energy and Microgrids

May 26, 2016

This webinar, hosted in partnership with Van Ness Feldman LLP, will focus on how a campus can develop a checklist for approaching district energy. Presenters will speak about the ideal conditions and trade-offs for your campus, as well as common barriers and challenges for district energy solutions.

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Joining the Climate Leadership Network

April 12, 2016

This webinar provides an overview of the opportunities involved in signing one of the Climate Leadership Commitments, and being a part of the Climate Leadership Network. Second Nature program staff go over the process of joining and common questions.

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Getting Started and Making Meaningful Progress

March 17, 2016

Presented by Second Nature and Altenex, this webinar will help participants learn more about how to kickstart renewables on their campus and how to grow their efforts in accelerated and impactful ways. The presenters will also introduce participants to a newly developed Quick Start Guide.

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Intro to Resilience and Energy Systems

March 15, 2016

This webinar, hosted in partnership with Eaton Corporation and Van Ness Feldman LLP, introduced participants to Second Nature’s Resilience Commitment and focus on the relationship with energy systems and decisions. It helped participants identify appropriate questions and trade-offs when considering resilient energy solutions, and will highlight examples of what constitutes a resilient energy system.

Download a PDF version of the slides.