6/20/19. Large-scale Off-site Power for Higher Education

Webinar:  June 20, 2019 at 2 pm-3 pm US East Coast Time

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Swarthmore College and Lafayette College in Pennsylvania each have experience with negotiating agreements for large-scale, off-site power generation, and key decision-makers in the process have agreed to share some of their knowledge and experience with the Second Nature community.

The June webinar will explore some of the financial considerations that were part of their thinking, as these multi-million dollar projects moved from concept to reality.  These agreements may cover 10-100% of a campuses electricity needs, and so the scope of the procurement and the project can be highly variable.

The program will be led by staff from Swarthmore College and CustomerFirst Renewables, and facilitated by Eric Howard, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Second Nature.

The target audience for this webinar:
** CFO, Procurement and operations staff, and energy managers

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Note: This webinar will be recorded and available on the Second Nature website about one week after the live event.  Those who register for the webinar will be added to Second Nature’s mailing list so that they can be informed about future educational programs.