5/9/19. Revolutionizing Renewables: Opportunities for Bringing Economics to Sustainable Energy Strategies

Webinar:  May 9, 2019 at 2 pm-3 pm US East Coast Time

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Carnegie Mellon University and other campuses have taken similar approaches to fulfilling part of their institutional commitments to building a low-carbon economy.  They are using new types of service contracts to enhance and improve their energy use management, and thus the cost of that energy.

During this one-hour webinar, we will learn how campuses can reduce their costs with integrated energy solutions that optimize usage and demand.  The two campus case studies will demonstrate how to unlock value through commodity risk management to support aggressive sustainability objectives.  Both are using ENGIE’s Formula Forward program, which provides a unique approach to optimizing usage and demand. At both, the energy is coming from renewable energy sources, which is an additional benefit.

As compared to the past, campus decision-makers now have the ability to tailor the right renewable solutions to meet their needs.  Participants in the webinar will learn about campus perspectives on new customer-centric renewable opportunities that bridge the gap between traditional market offerings of renewable energy certificates and complex power purchase agreements.

Webinar participants include Burhan Koc, Director of Sustainability and Renewable Energy Solutions at ENGIE, Jay Bell, Vice President of Sales, at ENGIE Resources, and Eric Howard, the Director of Strategic Partnerships at Second Nature. The presentation will focus on contracts/projects that are valued at $1 million to $50 million.

The Learning objectives include:
** Innovative retail supply structures for renewable energy, renewable risk management, and small-scale renewable development.
** Understanding commodity risk management as a tool for unlocking value – regardless of where you are in your sustainability journey.
** The critical role of usage and demand optimization in achieving program targets.

The target audience for this webinar:
** Procurement and operations staff, energy managers, and sustainability managers

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Additional background information:
** With the proliferation of decarbonization, decentralization, and digitization in energy, there are many ways campuses can to achieve their sustainability goals. This white paper, prepared by ENGIE, describes the five steps in ENGIE’s Formula Forward.

Note: This webinar will be recorded and available on the Second Nature website about one week after the live event.  Those who register for the webinar will be added to Second Nature’s mailing list so that they can be informed about future educational programs.