Second Nature hosts many webinars (and often with our partners) every year. It’s an additional way that we are able to provide information and resources relevant to the higher education community (and others who may be interested) in regard to climate action. If you would like to receive information on any of our upcoming webinars in your inbox, please subscribe to the email list.

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Upcoming Webinars

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Managing Organizational Change For Transformational, Deep Decarbonization Initiatives On Campus

This webinar will examine the importance of managing cultural and process change to support the implementation of deep decarbonization initiatives on campus – focusing on the critical roles of stakeholder engagement and internal processes and policies as enablers along the net-zero pathway.

Micah Kenfield, Director of Sustainability, Vassar College
Marc Couture, Director of Sustainability, Operations and Services, University of Toronto
Adam Shelley, Senior Project Development Engineer, Ecosystem
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