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Carbon Offsets

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Offsets Procurement: Carbon Markets and Offsets Guidance Offsets Procurement: Webinar: Purchasing Carbon Offsets 101C2P2: C2P2 Project Templates
Offset Network: Peer-Reviewed ProjectsOffset Network: Develop a Project
Offsets Procurement: Carbon Offset Project Types 101Offset Network: Peer Verification Timeline
Offset Network: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)Offsets Procurement: Strategy Development Decision Tree
Offsets Procurement: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
C2P2: Purchasing Offsets Through C2P2


To ReadTo Read (cont)To Do/To UseTo Do/To Use (cont)
Campus-Community Resilience: Future Scenarios VisioningCoordinating with City Initiatives (scroll down once on page)How to Report on Resilience Goals in a Climate Action PlanCampus Evaluation of Resilience Dimensions
Campus-Community Resilience: Strengths/Assets and VulnerabilitiesHow to Conduct a Campus-Community Resilience AssessmentResilience Prioritization QuadrantCommunity Resilience Building*
Sample City and Campus Resilience PlansWorking with the Community: Engaging StakeholdersWorking with the Community: Campus-Community StructuresCapacity Assessment Matrix
Campus-Community Resilience: Indicators of ResilienceSample Resilience MetricsResilience Goal Setting Worksheet (scroll down once on page)

*A Tool Developed by The Nature Conservancy

Renewable Energy

To ReadTo WatchTo Do/To Use
Appalachian State University: Supporting Solar Energy through a Student-Financed Renewable Energy InitiativeExpanding Access to Renewable Energy – Customizing for Higher Education WebinarResources Exclusive to Climate Leadership Network Signatories
On-site Energy for Higher Education White Paper (Siemens)Solutions and Resources for University Renewable Energy Procurement WebinarRocky Mountain Institute and Business Renewables Center Partnership (includes primers, case studies, etc)
Financing Energy Projects in Higher Education Webinar
Crossing Sector Series: What Can Higher Ed Learn from Corporate Renewable Strategies – Takeaways from the 2017 REBA Conference Webinar

Energy Efficiency

To ReadTo WatchTo Watch (continued)
Creating Finance Tools for Energy Efficiency Projects for the Network Blog PostData Center Efficiency 101: What Sustainability Managers Should Know WebinarFinancing Energy Projects in Higher Education Webinar
Ball State University and Chevrolet: New Carbon Credit Methodology and Applicability to Energy Efficiency Projects WebinarDeveloping Carbon Credits on Campus through Clean and Efficient Energy Webinar
Bringing Higher Efficiency to Higher Education Webinar


To WatchTo Do/To Use
Powersuite: Learn How Campuses can Identify and Engage in Key Energy Policy WebinarSign-Up For Second Nature’s Monthly Policy Update Emails: Email Amanda Belles

Climate Action Planning

To ReadTo WatchTo Do/To Use
Introduction to Sustainability Planning and Climate ActionGetting Started on your Climate Leadership Network Climate Action Plan WebinarExamples of Climate Action Plan Structures
Why Review a Climate Action Plan? Blog PostHow to Report on Resilience Goals in a Climate Action Plan
New Report Highlights the Best Practices for Creating a Climate Action Plan Blog Post
Article in Terrain.org re: Environmental Learning and COVID-19

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