Samantha Thomas (she/her)

Climate Program Manager — Data and Evaluation

Samantha is the Climate Program Manager for Data and Evaluation at Second Nature. In her position, Samantha is responsible for leading data analysis and evaluating programs in support of Second Nature’s mission. She plays a vital role in ensuring that organizational resources effectively support decarbonization efforts in higher education. Samantha provides insights and recommendations to the leadership team while also supporting the activities and effectiveness of program staff.

With over eight years of experience in environmental nonprofits, Samantha brings a wealth of knowledge to her role. Before joining Second Nature, she worked at the Taft Nicholson Center near Red Rock Lakes Wildlife Refuge, where she conducted field research for Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Environmental Protection Agency. Later, Samantha joined the marketing team at the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS), where she focused on digital communication, web development, and alumni engagement. She then spent three years at Wildlands Network as a Development Manager. During her time there, she successfully managed all development activities, redesigned the website, chaired the DEIJ Committee, and produced the organization’s first ever impact report. Samantha was also instrumental in program development, communication campaigns, and organizational evaluation.

Samantha holds dual degrees from the University of Utah: a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sustainability and Science, as well as a Bachelor of Science in International Business. Currently, she is pursuing her Master’s degree in Environmental Policy and Management, specializing in Environmental Analytics, at the University of Denver. Her studies focus on greenhouse gas (GHG) accounting, ESG applications, alternative energy solutions, and equitable decarbonization.

Outside of work, Samantha enjoys staying active through various activities such as trail running, cycling, paddle boarding, and yoga. She spends her weekends woodworking, gardening, taking film photos, snagging the best concert seats, and hosting dinner parties.