Sam Read

Spring 2020 Intern

Sam Read is a Spring 2020 Intern at Second Nature.  He is a sophomore at Wheaton College Massachusetts majoring in Business & Management. While at Second Nature, Sam is helping the Operations Manager and other members of the Programs Team to develop and implement a strategy to do targeted outreach to college and university presidents across the country. He will also help with creating an overall strategy and plan to increase presidential attendance at the annual Higher Education Climate Leadership Summit.  Sam will also work with the Director of Strategic Partnerships to provide Cleantech companies with a procedure for partnering with colleges/universities to utilize their technology. 

Before interning at Second Nature, Sam completed the GCSEN Foundation bootcamp at Wheaton where he became a certified social entrepreneur and jump started his own business venture. He is an avid reader, loves going hiking, and has been volunteering for the Appalachian Mountain Club for over 8 years helping them maintain trials. 

While at Second Nature, Sam hopes to gain a deeper understanding of how colleges and universities can better their impact on the environment as well as develop innovative solutions. He is excited to be working with such a great team and make an impact on society.