Nadia L’Bahy

Solutions Center Fellow

Nadia is the Solutions Center Fellow at Second Nature. In this role, she develops partnerships with energy reduction service providers, ideates improvements to the Solutions Center’s organization and functionality, and creates resources for the Solutions Center.

As an undergraduate, Nadia co-founded and led the UMass Amherst Sunrise Movement hub. During her last year and a half in school, she co-led her hub in organizing a Climate Strike, canvassing for the 2020 primaries and election, and participating in local strikes, protests, and rallies. After graduating, she spent a few months conducting laboratory analyses of COVID test samples at the BROAD institute. She then oversaw technical support for the nonprofit OpenReview, which is revolutionizing the field of scientific research by providing a flexible free service to enable the peer review process.

Nadia is an avid reader who also enjoys writing in her journal, cooking plant-based meals, and attempting to sew her own clothes from thrifted fabrics. Having recently moved, she spends most of her weekends exploring the city, attending or volunteering at community events, and playing on recreational sports teams.