Lauren Goulet (she/her)

Climate Programs Intern

Lauren is a Climate Programs Intern, focused on contributing to resources for the Solutions Center and supporting staff members in the building and preservation of partnerships. Born and raised in Monroe County, New York, Lauren has enjoyed traveling around her home state and other interesting places in the U.S. 

After graduating Monroe Community College in 2019 with a General Liberal Arts and Sciences Associate’s, Sustainability Certificate, and Advanced Studies Certificate, Lauren has continued her education by pursuing a Bachelor’s in Sustainability Studies with a minor in Sociology at SUNY Geneseo. She has 2 years of experience as an environmental educator in gardens, forests, and classrooms with K-12 students and the general public. 

As a Campus Sustainability Leadership Intern in the Office of Sustainability at SUNY Geneseo, Lauren has led and supported initiatives that progress the college’s core value of sustainability. In this role, Lauren leads engagement and outreach efforts, maintains the Office’s Instagram account, participates in the Garden Committee, and is a member of the STARS Report Task Force. As a Federal Work-Study Intern in the same Office, Lauren supports staff and fellow interns through internal communication, assistance on administrative tasks, and the completion of Office-wide End of Semester Reports. Lauren is the Chair of the Events Subcommittee in the President’s Commission on Sustainability at SUNY Geneseo, leading staff, faculty and students in event coordination. Selected for the The John ’87 and Mary Grace ’84 Gleason Ambassador in Student Affairs Award in 2022, Lauren and her partner’s project “Big Change in a Little Space: On-Campus Food Forest” aims to explore regenerative agriculture as a means for both urban and rural farmers to improve the sustainability of their practices. Lauren is the TA for an experimental Climate Change Leadership and Policy course in the new Sustainability Studies major at the college. 

Lauren strives to grow into an effective agent of change, focusing on the overlap between social and environmental concerns. She is an avid indoor rock climber and hiker, a novice outdoor boulderer, and a life-long lover of music. Lauren’s values of community, self-care, kindness, and open communication guide her in her personal, academic and professional endeavors. Lauren takes the opportunity of life very seriously, yet prioritizes the lighthearted nature of being alive! 

Photo credit: Keith Walters