Kristan Maxie

Community Colleges and Workforce Development Fellow

Originally hailing from Michigan, Kristan brings a rich blend of academic rigor and practical experience to her role as the Community Colleges and Workforce Development Fellow at Second Nature. With an educational background from Oakland Community College and Michigan State University, she holds an MBA with a concentration in Entrepreneurship and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Business Administration.

Before stepping into the academic arena, Kristan served as an Intelligence Analyst in the U.S. Army. Her keen analytical skills and tactical understanding served as the foundation for her subsequent professional undertakings.

Following her time in service, Kristan transitioned into the bustling world of startups as a Program Manager for a prominent business accelerator program. In this capacity, she was responsible for overseeing cohorts of startup companies and their founders, guiding them from fledging ideas to viable business ventures.

In her current role at Second Nature, Kristan fused her love for entrepreneurship with her passion for education and workforce development. She believes that community colleges play a critical role in empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs and industry leaders. Through strategic partnerships and innovative programming, she aims to create sustainable paths for both individuals and institutions, striving for a future where education and practical skills are harmoniously integrated.