Jayson Toweh

America Is All In Fellow

Jayson Toweh is an American is All In Fellow for Second Nature. He is working on projects related to America is All In initiative, specifically regarding how universities can provide meaningful cross-sectoral engagement through climate commitments.

He is a Stanford Ph.D. student focusing on identifying climate change’s health, environmental, and social impacts and creating co-benefits from developing sustainable energy transition. He is researching the effects that severe weather-caused power outages have on human health. Jayson served as a Fellow at the United Nations Foundation, where he worked on researching and identifying the use of Indigenous Knowledge in climate science and opportunities to increase it. Additionally, he has consulted with The World Bank on exploring opportunities for infrastructure improvement and investments to reduce climate change’s effects on health and the healthcare sector. Lastly, he has served as a mentor for high school students in conducting environmental research through Polygence.

Jayson completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Michigan’s Program in the Environment. He completed his master’s degree in environmental health from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. His thesis focused on evaluating and mapping emission changes after installing scrubbers in coal power plants.

Before Stanford, Jayson worked as a management and program analyst at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in the Office of Inspector General. He evaluated EPA’s water programs and made recommendations for improvement, such as how Hurricane Maria and Irma impacted water systems in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. In 2020, Jayson was elected and served on the Harvard Board of Overseers, the university’s governing board.