Eric Howard

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Eric Howard is the Director of Strategic Partnerships at Second Nature.  Based in Boston, he guides the development of dynamic partnerships, integrating them into our climate action programs and our advocacy and policy efforts. He builds new alliances that align with our core areas of expertise and advances activities that will have a positive impact on the communities we serve.

Prior to joining Second Nature in 2018, Eric focused on corporate partnerships for Oxfam America (2017-18) and for Northeastern University’s College of Engineering (2013-17), helping secure more than $15 million in revenue and support.  Previously he was Executive Director of the Fulbright Academy of Science & Technology (2003-2012). The Academy was think-tank and networking community for the global community of Fulbright scholars, which includes many leaders in higher education. Earlier in his career Eric was Information Officer for the International Union for Conservation of Nature in Germany, had environmental policy fellowships at World Wildlife Fund and the US EPA, and was a consultant to US AID in Bosnia and the UN Information Unit on Climate Change in Switzerland. (

To support capacity building and the exchange of knowledge, Eric has produced over 100 conferences, workshops, and symposia in seventeen countries on topics such as sustainability, global health, advanced manufacturing, nanotechnology, information access, and economic development.  For eight years, he contributed the section on soil and desertification for the Yearbook of International Environmental Law.  In 2007, the US Department of State awarded him a Certificate of Appreciation for his work in science diplomacy.

Eric has a B.A. in Geology from Wesleyan University (1986), and a Master of Environmental Management degree from Duke University (1989), and a Certificate in Business Administration from Northeastern University (2016).  He is a member of the Alliance for Research on Corporate Responsibility (ARCS), the Network of Academic Corporate Relations Officers (NARCO), and the IUCN Commission on Communication and Education.  He is currently finishing doctoral work at Northeastern on Organizational Leadership addresses knowledge-sharing practices of those involved in cross-sector research partnerships.

Eric lives north of Boston, and his children attend various East Coast universities.