Emily Carter

Carbon Pricing Fellow

Emily Carter is the Carbon Pricing Fellow at Second Nature. She is a student at UC Berkeley pursuing two B.S. degrees in Environmental Sciences and in Society and the Environment. She is inspired to utilize the intersection of science and policy to mobilize positive change that engages threatened populations (of both wildlife and human communities).

Emily has worked for a variety of environmental projects, including: a wetland conservancy in Los Angeles, urban greening in low income communities in the San Francisco Bay area, studying the influence of fences on wildlife communities, analyzing effects of drought on caterpillars in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, promoting community empowerment and resiliency in palm oil converted communities in Guatemala, and helping to launch an international program for a renewable energy consulting firm based in Barcelona, Spain. Emily also enjoys outdoor recreation, including rock climbing, backpacking and surfing.

Emily believes in the power of individuals and communities to manifest equitable, just, and powerful change, and is excited to be part of a team that shares that belief.