Sponsorship Opportunities and Benefits

June 27, 2017

Since 2006, Second Nature has created and supported catalytic climate commitments from senior leadership in higher education to address pressing issues of global sustainability.

Over ten years later, and with hundreds of campuses now involved in Second Nature’s programs, the Climate Leadership Network (Network) is translating these bold commitments into innovative actions. The Network, now a diverse array of more than 600 institutions, has created an infrastructure to scale solutions and innovate more rapidly, effectively, and efficiently than would happen without a shared alignment. The Network is the only coordinated effort within higher education focused on climate action and provides a portal into and out of the sector that enable dynamic partnerships.

Without creative partnerships, the ability of Second Nature to introduce and disseminate solutions to the Network will be limited. To support and advance the work of the institutions in the Climate Leadership Network, Second Nature is interested in working with organizations and firms at the leading edge of climate solutions. We base our corporate partnerships on transparency and mutual benefit with the best interests of our community in mind. Our most successful partnerships are transformational, not merely transactional.

As partners with us, you can effectively promote your climate leadership in the higher education sector and beyond. We welcome your organization to our high-visibility national network of leading colleges and universities pursuing climate solutions for a positive global future.

Benefits for Leader and Supporter Level:


  • 2 Complimentary Summit passes (valued at $1400 each)
  • Opportunity to host private dinners or receptions at Summit
  • Logo included on all Summit materials including program, website, and signage
  • Recognition on sponsorship powerpoint general session welcome slides, shown in all sessions
  • Complimentary tabletop display
  • Name listed in Second Nature conference e-mail announcements
  • Logo (linked) and 50-word description on website and/or mobile app

Website Visibility

  • Opportunity to describe the benefits of partnership with Second Nature in a dedicated Partner Profile on Second Nature website
  • Logo and short company description on the Second Nature website with reciprocal link to sponsor’s website


  • Opportunity to offer one webinar per year, content to be developed in partnership with Second Nature programs team
  • Company logo to appear on all webinars
  • Opportunity to write one blog post to appear in Implementer and on Second Nature website

Second Nature Leadership Exchange

  • Opportunity to invite Second Nature leadership to present at corporate strategic planning events and workshops

Custom Offerings for Leader Level only:

With support at the Leader Level, companies have the opportunity to develop custom offerings, similar (but not limited to) to the examples listed below. Some of these incur additional financial resources to develop, which are discussed and designed in consultation with Second Nature staff.

Example 1: Regional Workshops

  • Focused in person meetings to educate signatories about the options and opportunities associated with your company’s unique solution. Working together, we may identify a particular region with select stakeholders and they may work through an assessment of barriers to implementation and identify stress-points that could inform published national guidance for distributed energy systems in higher education. Second Nature will work with your company to target campus teams to attend a half-day collaboratively designed meeting.

Example 2: Campus Cleantech Pilots (CCP)

  • CCP is a program supporting the deployment of early-stage cleantech solutions with a group of 12 campuses. The campuses have committed to using the infrastructure, operations, and intellectual capacity of campus as a test bed for solution deployment in the areas of “smart buildings” and “smart infrastructure.” These campuses have developed additional participation criteria for the national program and are in the process of developing problem statements for campus cleantech solutions sourced from early-stage companies across the country. As a corporate advisor and program underwriter, your company would participate in early-stage company vetting, offer perspective on market viability of cleantech company products and services, and receive recognition for launching the program. This is done in collaboration with Clean Energy Trust and Northeast Clean Energy Council.

Example 3: Prize-based Model for Climate and Energy Solutions

  • Prize-based approaches to incentivize innovation have driven solutions in a variety of sectors on a wide range of topics. In the fall of 2017, Second Nature will complete a prize-based prospectus for climate solutions, using the XPRIZE model as a launching point. This will include 4-5 challenges designed to drive climate solutions faster and farther than what is currently available and use the Climate Leadership Network was the initial campus pool for innovation development. As a program underwriter, your company would be offered an advisory position on the program team, be recognized for initiating the program as it gets built out in the upcoming year, and have early-stage access to campus input as the program is launched.

Example 4: Technical Advisor on Working Groups

  • The strength of the Climate Leadership Network lies in its diversity and collective knowledge. To tap into these resources, Second Nature periodically convenes Working Groups that tackle relevant topics and help to create new tools. These working groups are composed of volunteers from signatory institutions, and the work and conclusions they draw are harnessed and shared broadly for the benefit of the Network. A working group looks at a specific question (or set of questions) with a possible product outcome. Your company has the opportunity to join one of our working groups in an advisory capacity, to help inform the conversation and shape the outcomes. Example working groups are, Advanced Carbon Mitigation, Carbon Pricing, Innovative Financing Solutions, among others.

Example 5: Special Events

  • Invitation only lunch or dinner event with a small group of presidents at the 2018 Climate Leadership Summit. Second Nature and your company will identify and personally invite 10 –15 college and university presidents to an intimate conversation about the future of higher education, their challenges and priorities.

Pricing Structure

Annual Gross RevenueLeaderSupporter
$ 1 M – $9.9 M$15,000$6,000
$ > 10 M $25,000$15,000

If you are interested in becoming a partner, please contact Michele Madia.