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Utility Rebate Programs

Category: Business Practices, Utility Rebate Programs

Local utilities incentivize energy saving improvements to reduce base loads. Many rebate programs encourage HVAC efficiency improvements such as insulation upgrades, heat pump upgrades and rooftop recommissioning.


  • Campuses can save on energy efficiency by paying a reduced initial capital
  • Energy savings will be reflected immediately after a project is completed
  • Illustrates the advantage in energy efficiency projects beyond utility subsidies


  • One-time installation per project requires extra capacity
  • Not all rebates are for large scale application


  • GHG Impact


  • Economic Impact

    Small Net Cost

  • Feasibility

    Very Achievable

    Taking advantage of government energy rebate programs is a great way to cut emissions and save money. 

  • Timeline

    < 1 year

    This solution is extremely variable. Utilities set up most of the rebates that can be applied for, rarely is there a one size fits all example. 

  • Maintenance


    Requires increased maintenance effort to identify buildings and utility rebate programs that are best suited for campus. 

  • Publicity

    Under the radar

    Energy Efficiency incentives have been around for decades. This is low hanging fruit of sustainable solutions.