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Total Energy Management is a comprehensive approach that ensures your organization’s energy management needs have been evaluated, assessed and addressed. The biggest value is obtaining a holistic and systematic approach towards your entire energy portfolio to ensure all opportunities are uncovered and nothing gets overlooked. This can include:

  1. Sustainability and renewables – Decarbonization roadmap development, renewable energy advisory and turnkey net-zero emission solutions
  2. Efficiency and technology – Data analytics based on sector, facility and portfolio, technology and asset optimization and energy efficiency program implementation
  3. Demand management – Load management, generation and transmission peak management and demand response
  4. Cost management – Rate analysis and optimization, energy markets and site assessment and cost management with forecasting and variance analysis
  5. Energy supply management – Strategic purchasing, product modeling and risk analysis, and market and procurement advisory and reporting

Benefits of Total Energy Management:

  • Holistic, end-to-end approach to energy management optimizes value and reduces risk
  • Customized analysis to ensure the right solution specific to organizational specific needs
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Integration into company culture and overall strategy
  • Improve resiliency through efficiencies and technology expertise
  • Achieve sustainability goals by evaluating and implementing decarbonization solutions
  • Innovative funding options and structures available


  • Requires coordination of account information, strategic priorities, and energy objectives across internal departments
  • Requires a data intake process to accurately support energy management program setup


  • GHG Impact


    Decarbonization roadmap development and execution is critical to successfully reducing GHG impact and meeting climate objectives.

  • Economic Impact

    Large Net Savings

    A holistic energy management program through an advisor leads to savings related to reduction in internal full-time resources, uncovers cost savings opportunities, and maximizes building energy efficiencies and usage reductions.

  • Feasibility

    Very Achievable

    Through a simple procurement process, energy management programs can be established that will drive energy savings, support execution of energy projects, and establish reporting and tracking mechanisms.

  • Timeline

    2-5 years

    Setup for an energy management advisor can be initiated with a short turnaround. Execution of energy projects and programs may vary in timeline based on the investments being made and strategic objectives.

  • Maintenance


    Moderate involvement on data collection, market analytics insights on energy spending and future spending, and strategy sessions on decarbonization and energy efficiency programs.

  • Publicity

    Under the radar

    The publicity of an energy management program comes from execution of projects in sustainability, energy efficiency and other innovative programs to reduce emissions or realize cost savings.

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