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Equipment Practices

Category: Behavior Changes, Green Equipment

Maintenance and landscaping crews use a range of gasoline or diesel-powered equipment such as lawn mowers, trucks, snow-plows and leaf-blowers. Replacing this equipment with cleaner power alternatives, such as electricity, biodiesel, or fuel cells can mitigate air pollution and carbon emissions. Electrically powered equipment can also help reduce noise pollution caused by louder internal combustion engines. Electric equipment is often more reliable and less maintenance intensive.


  • Reduced noise pollution
  • Improved local and global air-quality
  • Visible commitment to sustainability


  • Fossil-fuel powered equipment is typically cheaper on a first-cost basis
  • Electric equipment requires a clean source of electricity to be truly carbon-free
  • Switching equipment as older equipment is retired will take time


  • GHG Impact


    Current equipment emissions are dwarfed by a campus’ overall footprint.

  • Economic Impact


  • Feasibility

    Some Challenges

    May require changes to current procurement policies.

  • Timeline

    1-2 years

    Depends on how often equipment is replaced.

  • Maintenance


    Electric equipment has significantly lower maintenance requirements compared to fossil-fuel powered equipment. 

  • Publicity

    Under the radar

    Many people appreciate the reduced noise pollution and emissions on campus.

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