Solutions Center

The Solutions Center identifies carbon and energy reducing activities to support campus climate action goals. The objective of the Solutions Center is to help campuses review more quickly the solutions available and to help build a presentation for decision makers to be able to assess and prioritize decisions faster in order to accelerate climate action. 

SolutionCategoryGHG ImpactEconomic ImpactFeasibilityTimelineMaintenancePublicity
Carbon Offsets Carbon OffsetsLargeSmall Net CostDoable< 1 yearLow / NoneHmm... Okay.
Green Labs Energy Demand, Energy EfficiencyLargeNet SavingsSome Challenges1-2 yearsModerateThat's pretty cool.
Ground Source Heating and Cooling Alternative Supply Systems, Energy SupplyEnormousNet SavingsA Big Lift10 years +Low / NoneThat's pretty cool.
High-performance Building Standards Energy Demand, Energy Efficiency, High-performance BuildingsLargeNeutralDifficult2-5 yearsLow / NoneWow, amazing project!
HVAC Energy Demand, Energy EfficiencyLargeNet SavingsSome Challenges1-2 yearsModerateYawn
Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) Energy Supply, Renewable Energy CreditsEnormousSmall Net CostDoable< 1 yearLow / NoneHmm... Okay.
Solar Photovoltaics Energy Supply, On-site Renewable EnergyLowNeutralSome Challenges1-2 yearsLow / NoneThat's pretty cool.
Utility-Scale Wind & Solar Energy Supply, Off-site Renewable EnergyEnormousLarge Net SavingsDifficult1-2 yearsLow / NoneWow, amazing project!
Continuous Commissioning (Coming Soon) Energy Demand, Energy EfficiencyModerateNet SavingsSome Challenges< 1 yearHighHmm... Okay.
Electrical Energy Storage (Seeking Expert) Alternative Supply Systems, Energy SupplyLowSmall Net CostDifficult1-2 yearsLow / NoneThat's pretty cool.

The Solutions Center is a partnership with Second Nature, CustomerFirst Renewables (CFR), and Brailsford & Dunlavey.