SIMAP®: Sustainability Indicator Management and Analysis Platform

Second Nature and the University of New Hampshire Sustainability Institute (UNHSI) have expanded their partnership to more efficiently publicly report greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions data and track GHG emission reductions. For 2022, UNHSI’s Sustainability Indicator Management & Analysis Platform (SIMAP) will house the public reporting platform for Climate Leadership Commitment signatories and any campus that wishes to share GHG data publicly.

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Signatories that subscribe to SIMAP will receive access to SIMAP at a 40% discount.

Tier 2 subscription

  • Multi-campus functionality: This new subscription level in SIMAP will allow you to track the footprints of multiple campuses in a single account.
  • Data tags: Tier 2 also includes the ability to ‘tag’ your data points with identifying information so that, for example, you can enter and view footprint data associated with a specific building, college, department, or function (e.g., transit vs. facility fleets).
  • Upgrade now on the my account page. Tier 2 subscriptions are $600/year.

Tier 1 subscription

  • Bulk operations: Do you need to delete several data points at once? You can now do that on the Data Entry tab using bulk operations! Just click the check boxes for data points you would like to delete, scroll to the bottom to select ‘delete selected data’, and click save.
  • Account alerts and errors: The next time you view your results, you may see some new alerts and error messages. These are important! They let you know when you are not using recommended calculation factors (e.g., emission factors, eGrid regions) and when necessary calculation factors are missing (e.g., custom emission factors, cogen efficiencies, food scaling factors, normalization data).
  • Custom emission factors page: You can now view a summary of all emission factors you have customized on the Customized Emission Factors page.

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Get Started with SIMAP

Use the following link to learn more about SIMAP and to sign up for an account.