Presidents’ Climate Leadership Commitments Dues

The Presidents’ Climate Leadership Commitments have been catalysts for rigorous and robust actions on hundreds of campuses and in many communities across the nation since. More than a declaration, a campaign, or an annual membership, signatory institutions commit to sustained action.  This community is made up of over 400 signatories and is overseen by a Steering Committee of 20 presidents. Their activities are facilitated by Second Nature, a non-profit organization.

Benefits to signatories are supported through annual signatory dues, which are leveraged by grants, corporate partnerships, and contributions made by non-signatory institutions.  Similar to other leadership efforts, Presidents and Chancellors pay annual dues from their own office budgets to signal that climate action and innovation is an institutional priority of the highest order. 

Payment Options

1. Credit Card 
Please complete the Payment Form found at the bottom of this page, a receipt will be emailed.

2. Wire Transfer
Please refer to your invoice for instructions or contact [email protected] for the account information for ACH/Wire payments. Make sure the invoice number and campus name are included in the memo.

3. Check
Please send a check to: Signatory Dues c/o Second Nature:  160 Alewife Brook Pkwy #1182,  Cambridge, MA 02138. Reference the invoice number in the memo.

Honor Society

Special recognition is given to signatories for their extraordinary contributions – financial and in service – to the Climate Leadership Network through the Honor SocietyHonor Society dues, which are any payment above the amount invoiced, are used to further the reach of the Climate Leadership Network, by funding new resources and initiatives, and by supporting dues for under-resourced schools. Please help grow the impact this year with your participation; select this option when submitting the annual dues invoice, or at any point in the year. See Honor Society List.

Honor Society Distinctions:

  • Valedictorian Signatory:  4 x Basic Dues or more
  • Summa Cum Laude Signatory:  3 x Basic Dues
  • Magna Cum Laude Signatory:  2 x Basic Dues
  • Cum Laude Signatory: Beyond Basic Dues
  • Network Service 

Signatory Dues 2023-2024

Signatories will be invoiced in May 2023 with a payment due date of Sept. 1, 2023. The size of the institution and the institutional expenses is accounted for in setting the amount (see the table of IPEDS variables for all of US Higher Ed). 

Dues payments are required to remain an active signatory. On behalf of the Network, Second Nature leverages grants and philanthropy to keep dues as low as possible. However, for those with budget challenges, alternative arrangements can be made. Please contact us promptly after receiving an invoice for special assistance.

For all dues related questions please contact [email protected]For more information see the FAQ including the following:

Dues Payment Table
*Total Expenses: For Private or Public Institutions using FASB the IPEDS variable is “Total Expenses- Total Amount”, For Public Institutions using GASB the variable is “Total Expense Deductions-Current year total”.
**Full Time Equivalent Enrollment: IPEDS variable is “12 month full time equivalent enrollment”  The formula used to convert the IPEDS data to a full-time equivalent enrollment is three part-time students per one full-time student.
 FTE** Total Expenses*   
Over $500,000,000
2 Year Schools
0-1,999 $825 $850 $900 $1,000
2,000-4,999 $875 $900 $1,000 $1,100
5,000-9,999 $1,650 $1,725 $1,800 $1,875
10,000+ $3,000 $3,450 $3,600 $3,750
4 Year Schools
0-999 $825 $950 $1,000 $1,200
1,000-4,999 $2,200 $2,400 $2,500 $2,600
5,000-9,999 $3,000 $3,250 $3,600 $3,850
10,000-14,999 $3,400 $3,500 $3,750 $4,000
15,000+ $4,000 $4,600 $4,800 $5,000

System Dues Reduction

Collaboration amongst system signatories creates increased network value and accelerates progress. In 2017, the Steering Committee approved a system dues reduction to encourage greater system participation in the Network. Institutions are recognized in the Honor Society when paying the regular non-reduced dues rate.

For our purpose, we consider systems to be public statewide organizations of two or more entities, which are led by a district/system office (doesn’t matriculate students or need to report the system only emissions or pay system office only dues) or flagship campus (has students, some authority over other locations, and must report their own emissions and pay their own dues). However each system or district is unique, let us know if the structure needs to be different. We can provide a consolidated invoice if the system head or administrative unit will pay for all their “child” institutions. We can also provide information or a presentation for institutions in your system that may not currently participate and want to learn more about the Climate Leadership Network. Please contact [email protected].

System Reduction Table
Size of System Signatories % in System to Qualify for Reduction Dues Reduction %
3 or more institutions All are signatories
dues reduction
10 or more institutions
 More than half but
not all are signatories
dues reduction

Example: A public statewide system of 8 institutions, lead by an administrative office would get a 20% reduction if all 8 institutions are current signatories. If instead, they have 4-7 individual signatories, each signatory gets a dues reduction of 10%. If they had 3 or fewer signatories there would be no reduction. However, in each case, we can provide a consolidated invoice to whoever will cover the dues amounts.

Payment Form

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