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According to the UN and the IPCC, we have less than 6 years to reduce global emissions by 45% to limit warming to 1.5°C. This will not be possible without massive deployment of the climate solutions that are available at scale right now. This is where Tradewater comes in.

We collect, control, and permanently destroy old generations of refrigerants and fire suppressants which are up to 10,000x more potent at warming the planet than CO2. Many campuses and organizations have these old gases in stockpiles on campus or in leaky equipment that will soon be decommissioned, and they don’t know it or don’t know how potent they are.

Tradewater helps organizations get informed about the climate impact of the refrigerants in their systems, make a customized, ongoing plan for responsible end-of-life management of the gas, and develop their own high-integrity carbon offset projects by destroying the gas instead of letting it leak into the atmosphere.

We offer an easy and reliable process to take inventory of the refrigerants on your campus (we’ll help you with this free of charge), we collect your old refrigerants, and we transport them to our facility for processing and quantification prior to destruction. We will either take the old refrigerants from you free of charge, or in some cases, buy them for cash.

Tradewater also sells high-quality carbon offsets generated by finding and destroying legacy gases around the world, and plugging orphan oil & gas wells in the US that are spewing methane. This work also remediates farmland, prevents emissions of known carcinogens, steers tens of millions of dollars into communities, and protects the ozone layer. Our offsets have been purchased by Brown University, Intuit, and 100+ other companies leading on sustainability.

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