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Metrus Energy

Phone: 415-284-5000

Address: 71 Stevenson Street, Suite 1430 San Francisco, CA 94105


Company Description

Metrus Energy’s service provider profile is a place to view all Metrus Energy climate solutions and case studies in higher education. Metrus is a purpose-driven company that provides dedicated energy-efficiency financing solutions, helping colleges and universities improve energy efficiency, address deferred maintenance, and accelerate sustainability goals while preserving capital and debt capacity for core operations. Founded in 2009, our pay-for-performance model, in which customers benefit from sustainable-energy solutions without having to own the equipment, launched the Energy as a Service industry.

We fund and implement energy-efficiency retrofits that are entirely paid for through energy savings. We handle the installation and maintenance of best-in-class equipment and energy upgrades for $0 upfront, as an off-balance sheet solution. Once the retrofit construction is completed, our customers benefit from improved operational reliability, lowered energy use and reduced GHG emissions, and only pay a portion of the measured savings generated by efficiency upgrades.

Our Sustainable Energy Services Agreement (SESA) is our proprietary financing solution for bundling all the equipment, technologies, maintenance and monitoring that our customers need into one contract, to achieve portfolio-wide results with no upfront cost. Similar in structure to a power purchase agreement (PPA), the SESA is a flexible way to improve operations and save energy and money by consolidating upgrades into one simplified contract. Browse Metrus Energy climate solutions and case studies below.

Solutions Offered

Bringing Higher Efficiency to Higher Education

Enthusiasm for sustainability and carbon reduction runs high at colleges and universities, but so do the apparent financial barriers to implementing campus-wide energy efficiency upgrades. This webinar explored how Wells College worked with Metrus Energy to launch a project that will deliver significant energy savings and a more comfortable living and learning environment—with no upfront cost to the college.

How to get started with Metrus Energy

This PDF provides more information about how Metrus can help your campus unlock energy savings, gain completely new and state-of-the-art equipment at no upfront cost, and achieve your sustainability goals.

Unlocking Energy Savings to Fund Campus Facilities Upgrades: University of Northwestern Ohio Study

Often the biggest barrier to upgrading to energy-efficiency equipment, improving indoor air quality and reducing GHG emissions is budget, especially when most colleges and universities have years of deferred maintenance and are struggling to keep enrollment up. In this webinar, the University of Northwestern Ohio (UNOH) and Metrus discuss how their energy efficiency retrofit enabled UNOH to install best-in-class equipment and energy technologies funded entirely through energy savings – and how your campus could too!

Campus Projects