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Company Description

GreenerU is a design-build climate action firm dedicated to delivering a decarbonized future for our customers. Since 2009, we have done this by helping our clients navigate the organizational, operational and infrastructure changes required to reach climate neutrality through planning, engineering and construction. From campus-wide climate action and decarbonization planning, to designing energy efficiency and building electrification retrofits, to figuring out how best to implement solutions with minimal impact on the occupants within your built environment, GreenerU is the thoughtful and strategic partner for delivering on your energy and carbon goals.

In addition to the services below, GreenerU provides: climate action planning, greenhouse gas reporting, STARS submission support, and decarbonization planning.

Solutions Offered

Campus Projects

  • Yale University School of Medicine - Integrated Design & Construction for Energy Projects, Smart Lab
  • Harvard Medical School - Integrated Design & Construction for Energy Projects, Lighting & HVAC
  • Brown University - Energy Efficiency Program Framework, Lighting & HVAC
  • Worcester Polytechnic Institute - Smart Lab, Green Lab, HVAC, Lighting
  • Mt. Holyoke College - Sustainable Energy Services Agreement
  • Bentley University - Ground Source Heating and Cooling
  • Wellesley College - Lighting
  • Brandeis University - Integrated Design & Construction for Energy Projects
  • Project Portfolio


“Having GreenerU support initiative development that required multiple layers of stakeholders, with varying priorities and visions, was instrumental in ensuring the collaborative approach and buy-in required to make implementation and operations successful.” – Jess Berry, Brown University

“Having the structural and procedural support, as well as the emotional cheerleading support, was absolutely critical to these projects. It was so wonderful to have a third party facilitator come in—that took a lot of pressure off of me.” – Cameren Cousins, Director of Sustainability The Fenn School

“There is no other consulting firm that specializes in higher education the way that GreenerU does.” – Amanda King, Chief of Staff and Associate Vice President of Sustainability Bentley University

“GreenerU’s disciplined approach to meetings and meeting preparation enabled my team to focus more effectively on the content of the plan and engendered confidence that the final product would reflect our input. We got far more done and ended up with a better plan than we would have without GreenerU.” – Andy Feick, Associate Vice President, Sustainable Facilities Operations & Capital Planning Swarthmore College

“GreenerU’s team has boundless energy, patience, and keen expertise. Unflappable, they managed to keep a disparate committee on track and on point—and they are fun to work with!” – Jeff Adams, Chair, Corporation board of directors Concord Free Public Library