The Second Nature identity and associated elements were thoughtfully produced.  In order to maintain the integrity of the Second Nature brand, please follow the guidelines below.  

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Second Nature
Mission (long description and boilerplate)

Second Nature is committed to accelerating climate action in, and through, higher education.  They do this by mobilizing a diverse array of higher education institutions to act on bold climate commitments, to scale campus climate initiatives, and to create innovative climate solutions.  Second Nature aligns, amplifies, and bridges the sector’s efforts with other global leaders to advance urgent climate priorities. 

Mission (short description)
Second Nature is committed to accelerating climate action in, and through, higher education.

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Climate Leadership Network
Long Description 
The Climate Leadership Network is a signature program of Second Nature that provides resources, networking, and national engagement opportunities for signatory institutions.  Signatories are colleges and universities in nearly all fifty states who are taking action on climate change and preparing students through research and education.  Higher education institutions whose president/chancellor have made a formal commitment with respect to climate leadership on their campus by signing onto at least one of the Presidents’ Climate Leadership Commitments, become Climate Leadership Network signatories.   

Short Description
The Climate Leadership Network is a signature program of Second Nature that provides resources, networking, and national engagement opportunities for signatory institutions.

University Climate Change Coalition (UC3)
The University Climate Change Coalition (UC3) is a collaborative coalition of research universities from across North America, committed to climate action and cross-sector collaboration on campus, in communities, and at a global scale.  

Brand Guidelines

Second Nature
To ensure brand identity, when speaking about Second Nature, the full name – “Second Nature” – should always be used.  Any abbreviated version such as “SN”, etc is not permitted.  

Climate Leadership Network
In referencing the Climate Leadership Network, the full name – “Climate Leadership Network” – should always be used.  Never use “American College & University Presidents’ Climate Commitment”, “American College & University Presidents’ Climate Commitment (ACUPCC)” or “ACUPCC” which is incorrect; the Climate Leadership Network has been as such since the 2015 rebrand.  Any abbreviated version of the Climate Leadership Network such as “CLN” or “the Network” are also not permitted.  

University Climate Change Coalition (UC3)
In reference to the University Climate Change Coalition, it should always be written first and foremost as “University Climate Change Coalition (UC3)”.  Thereafter in the SAME document, presentation, etc, you are permitted to use “UC3” to reference the University Climate Change Coalition.  Any abbreviated version beyond “UC3” such as “Coalition”, etc is not permitted.  

Second Nature Logo – Master Logos
The master logos are the primary versions of the Second Nature logo, and should be used first and foremost whenever possible.

Horizontal: Stacked:

Spacing – to ensure that the brand identity is clear and impactful, it is important to maintain a sufficient amount of clear space around the brand. The “o” character in the logotype is equal to the amount of clear space required.

Logo Misuse – to ensure logo brand integrity, you are not allowed to alter the Second Nature logo in any way. For example:

For permission to access and use the Second Nature logo, email [email protected]. This includes if you need a reverse logo file type (approved logo that can be used on a background that will not support the master version of the logo – example below). Additionally, to request permission to use the UC3 logo and any other Second Nature associated logos, email [email protected].

Brand Color Palette & Typography

If you need information about Second Nature’s color palette and/or typography (or UC3’s), please contact [email protected]

Commitment Badges

Climate Leadership Network signatories have permission (and we encourage it!) to add the badges for the Presidents’ Climate Leadership Commitments that they are signatories of to their websites, social media, email signature lines, and more.  These badges include:

Climate Commitment Badge: Resilience Commitment Badge:  Carbon Commitment Badge:

ONLY Climate Leadership Network signatories have permission to use these badges. If you are a signatory and need the relevant badge file type (including if you need a black and white file version), please email [email protected]. Please note that the badges should not be altered in anyway to ensure brand identity.

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Questions & Media Inquiries

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