Creating a Program and an Agenda

A well-designed program and agenda is one of many determinants in hosting a successful cross-sector climate forum. In this section, we provide samples agendas, provided by UC3 members, to showcase different forum formats to inspire conveners to develop a great forum program.

Tip: When developing the forum’s agenda, we recommend providing a 10-minute break between sessions for participants, forum personnel, and speakers to prepare for the next presentation. The break may also be utilized as a brief networking event over coffee and refreshments.

Template: Agenda

We have also included an agenda template that mirrors the agenda of previous cross-sector climate forums. Institutions are free to modify the template accordingly to your preference.

Download: Sample Agenda

Example: Queen’s University

Queen’s University organized a cross-sector climate forum titled “Innovating and Partnering for Climate Action Impact.” The event hosted three keynote speakers, two workshops, and a session dedicated to student presentations in the span of 8 hours.

View: Queen’s University’s “Innovating and Partnering for Climate Action Impact” 

Example: State University of New York

Every two years since 2016, SUNY hosts the Advanced Energy Conference in New York City. The three-day conference begins with a pre-conference session that includes two panel discussions and it is open to all at no cost. In subsequent days, conveners introduce seven unique tracks that run concurrently, each with its own theme related to the energy sector.

View: State University of New York’s “Advanced Energy Conference 2018”