Writing an Invitation Letter to Stakeholders

To invite community members and other community stakeholders to your cross-sector climate change forum, we provide a sample invitation letter template that can be edited to suit your needs.

In general, the following items represent a checklist of key information to include in the invitation letter:

  • Time
  • Location
  • Date
  • Title of event
  • Type of event (i.e. invitation-only for a selected group)
  • Purpose statement or intended objects
  • Brief overview of event and related details
  • RSVP details

Template: Invitation Letter

This template includes all the necessary key information regarding the cross-sector climate forum.

Note: In the header section, colleges and universities are encouraged to insert their school’s logo with the SN and UC3 logos.

Download: Sample Invitation Letter

Example: Washington University at St. Louis

The university hosted an invitation-only UC3 Cross-Sector forum, attended by Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) and their deputies based in the St. Louis area. The invitation letter provided contains the key information described above, as well as an invitation to release a joint proclamation to endorse OneSTL and its greenhouse gas mitigation efforts.

View: Washington University at St. Louis’ “St. Louis Cross Sector Climate Change Forum”