Official Resilience Commitment Logos

If you are a signatory of the Resilience Commitment, you can download and display the logos below on your websites and publications. Institutions that are part of the Climate Leadership Network are also free to use the Second Nature logo in their publications and website. Please do not distort, crop, or recolor these logos.

For eps files and logo support, please contact our communications staff. If you are currently displaying the American College & University Presidents’ Climate Commitment (ACUPCC) logo on your website, please replace with the new logos below.

A few branding guidelines and FAQs:

What are the name of the Commitments? What is the name of my school’s Commitment?

When referring to all 3 commitments together, we call them the “Presidents’ Climate Leadership Commitments”. When referring to the specific Commitment your institution signed, it will be either the “Carbon Commitment”, the “Climate Commitment”, or the “Resilience Commitment”. Please do not add the words “Presidents'” or “Leadership” to the name of your commitment (ex: the Resilience Leadership Commitment” or the “Presidents’ Resilience Commitment”), as these are not accurate.

Example of accurate wording is below:

Ex 1: Narnia Community College is a signatory of the Presidents’ Climate Leadership Commitments since January 2017.

Ex 2: Narnia Community College is a signatory of the Resilience Commitment since January 2017. The Resilience Commitment is one of 3 Commitments which make up the Presidents’ Climate Leadership Commitments, a flagship program of the nonprofit Second Nature.

What is the Network called? Who is in it?

Any signatory of the Presidents’ Climate Leadership Commitments become a part of the Climate Leadership Network. You can frame your school’s participation in the Commitments by referring to this too.

Ex: Hogwarts University has been a part of the Climate Leadership Network since 2016, when President Dumbledore signed the Resilience Commitment.

What if I still have questions?

For questions about branding, or for further design elements, contact [email protected].

Resilience Commitment- Color









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RGB: 0 / 119 / 134        CYMK: 88 / 39 / 40 / 9         Hex: #007786

Resilience Commitment- Black









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Resilience Commitment- White

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