We are learning, growing, and committed to moving beyond the land acknowledgement.


We understand the importance of amplifying the voices, histories, knowledge, and lived experiences of communities that have been on the frontlines of multiple devastating crises. In the spirit of the Summit’s theme of fostering “courageous conversations and radical collaborations,” Second Nature and the Intentional Endowments Network (IEN) are thinking critically about how to move beyond the land acknowledgment and exploring ways to authentically support Indigenous sovereignty, Indigenous communities, frontline communities, and their leadership through the climate crisis.

Through independent reflection, group dialogue, and priority action setting, we have responded with actions to actualize our values and commitment. The following reflect our shared commitment to this work (selected from 2018 to present): 

  • Hiring DEI consultants to help inform and drive progress (both IEN and Second Nature)
  • Diversity Statement (Second Nature)
  • Launch of DEIJ Working Group (IEN)
  • Developed DEIJ Internal Policy (IEN)
  • Launched Racial Equity Investing Webinar Series (IEN)
  • Racial Equity Blog Series (IEN)
  • SOLVE Dialogue Series (Second Nature)
  • Commitment to DEIJ web page (IEN)
  • Investing in Racial Equity Resource page (IEN)
  • Launch of  Climate Justice page (Second Nature)
  • Launch of  Climate Justice Working Group (Second Nature)
  • Research and publications including Racial Equity Investing and Leading with Justice: Net Zero Investing and Conversations on Climate Justice (IEN)
  • 2022 Higher Education Climate Leadership Summit Registration & Honorarium Policy: With our virtual events in 2021 and 2022, we have formalized a need-based sliding-scale policy for speaker registration. If speakers are able to pay the registration fee, that is much appreciated to make this work possible, and we hope each speaker will register for the full program and participate. We have set the lowest registration fees we feel are feasible to produce the Summit, and we are also conscious of the current and past challenges and inequities that may make these fees a barrier to full participation. It is our hope that guidance on registration and honorarium can provide more transparency around speaker compensation and encourage a diversity of speakers – particularly historically underrepresented, critical perspectives – to speak at the Summit, which is of benefit to all.

These initiatives are ongoing and are supported by numerous collaborators, partnerships, and sponsored funding. We are working together to advance, and more deeply embed, principles of diversity, equity, inclusion, accessibility, and justice into all that we do. 



Below are the resources we’re consulting in this journey. We provide them here both for transparency and knowledge sharing. 

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This page was developed in partnership with IEN and Second Nature’s joint DEIAJ Working Group.