“Re-Membering Purpose”: A Book Discussion with Dr. Ife Afriye Kilimanjaro

Watch our book discussion with Dr. Ife Afriye Kilimanjaro, author of Re-Membering Purpose, hosted by Blythe Coleman-Mumford, Climate Programs Southeast Regional Manager for Second Nature, and the Intersectional Climate Action Leaders Working Group

This talk centers on a number of themes including, what does healing and self care look like for BIPOC identified staff of minority serving institutions advancing climate action and resilience work? We reflect on how ancestral connectedness and spiritual work can help our community to understand their purpose for this lifetime, and their calling to environmental and land stewardship, as well as exploring the root of this calling. Given this historical moment for higher education and the implications of recent supreme court decisions, it’s important more than ever that BIPOC staff, and faculty feel represented and supported logistically, spiritually, and emotionally. This talk seeks to hold intentionally safe discussion space for BIPOC-identified contacts within or affiliated to the Climate Leadership Network. 

To learn more about Re-Membering Purpose, visit: https://www.medewnefer.com/remembering-purpose

About Dr. Ife Afriye Kilimanjaro

Okomfo Ife Afriye Kilimanjaro, Ph.D. founded Medew Nefer, a website and support space dedicated to facilitating healing, wellness, and spiritual development. She also co-founded The Wind & The Warrior, a spirit-movement workspace created to integrate activism, healing, and spirituality. Dr. Ife’s work is inspired by her extensive experience as a researcher, writer, healer, activist, and Okomfo (priestess) in the Akom spiritual tradition. She co-authored Maat: Guiding Principles of Moral Living and recently authored My Thirteen-Year-Old View (Sky Island Journal). Dr. Ife’s recently released book, Re-Membering Purpose (February 2023), explores discovering and defining life purpose. She currently serves as Co-Director/Managing Director of Soul Fire Farm Institute.