On-site Energy for Higher Education White Paper (Siemens)

On-Site Energy for Higher Education White Paper

This paper by Siemens, a Second Nature partner, explores in detail how improvements in energy efficiency on campuses, such as microgrids and local renewables, can significantly reduce CO2 emissions and lower energy costs. “As costs drop for deploying smarter, more flexible grids, many educational institutions are looking for new ways to acquire, store, and consume the energy they require in order to foster more reliable, predictable, and cost-effective operations… New breakthroughs in on-site power generation (such as solar, wind, and thermal energy), combined heat and power (which enables energy generation through reuse of waste heat), and energy storage (so that energy can be sold back to the grid when demand is high) can assist higher education institutions formulate a more holistic, predictable, and independent energy strategy.”