Resilience Series

Resilience Planning for Washington D.C. Universities

The District of Columbia Mayor’s College and University Sustainability Pledge, signed in 2012, is a cross sector agreement between the District higher education sector and local government to advance sustainability. The District Department of Energy and Environment (DOEE) urban sustainability staff, along with Sustainability Directors from partner universities, invited Second Nature to help organize a one-day workshop on climate resilience. The goal was to increase higher ed. institutions’ understanding of District resilience planning initiatives, and provide a framework for colleges and universities to undertake their own resilience assessment and planning processes on campus. Download


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Why is Resilience Important?

This short, downloadable handout explores why climate resilience is important, why the time to act is now, and why higher education is the ideal place to take action. Download.

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What is Climate Resilience?

This short, downloadable handout explores the emerging topic of resilience. What is? How is it defined? What are its core concepts? How do Second Nature and the Presidents’ Climate Leadership Commitments approach planning for it? Download.

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