Pro Bono Consulting Testimonials

“Second Nature’s probono consulting initiative provided an infusion of expertise I never could have delivered as a one-person Office of Sustainability. CustomerFirst Renewables’ time spent educating and answering questions from our CFO and Director of Facilities built their confidence in approving an ambitious Climate Action Plan that we now know is also achievable. As a direct result of that award, we now have a clear path forward to address our Scope Two emissions, the single largest share of our campus footprint.”
– Yancey Fouché, MS, ISSP-SA, Director of Sustainability, Davidson College

“Our time with Brailsford & Dunlavey for the Second Nature Pro Bono Climate Consulting opportunity was extremely valuable, and exceeded our expectations. B&D’s knowledgeable advisors empowered us and gave us the much-needed capacity to develop a comprehensive, thoughtful strategy for achieving our carbon neutrality goals. The results of this pro bono engagement provided a strong foundation for our University’s inaugural climate action planning process. We are very grateful for B&D’s and Second Nature’s support and guidance in helping us unravel what seemed like a dauntingly tangled ball of yarn, to create a clear and linear roadmap to a decarbonized future. B&D’s team was a pleasure to work with and we were in good hands. We look forward to collaborating with this firm again.”
– Lauren White, Sustainability Program Manager, University of Arizona

“Working with Brailsford & Dunlavey and Second Nature significantly accelerated our efforts to better define the optimal path to carbon neutrality for the University of Arizona with confidence. The outcomes and deliverables from this opportunity have been absolutely invaluable to our team. B&D’s methodology and toolkit allowed us to effectively and efficiently articulate the range of impacts that pursuing different initiatives, technologies, and strategies would have over time, both environmentally and financially, which was critical in helping the University establish our overall approach to climate action. Partnering with B&D allowed us to produce a richer, fuller story thanks to the depth and breadth of B&D’s real-world experiences tackling this grand challenge with other higher education institutions. Thank you!”
– Trevor Ledbetter, Director for the Office of Sustainability, University of Arizona

“CustomerFirst Renewables provided our team with detailed and informative information, as well as potential options for our institution. Their team was systematic and dedicated during the entire process.  We were fortunate to have this opportunity to help inform our forthcoming Climate Action Plan.”
– Dr. Adam Sizemore, Director of Sustainability | Physical Facilities Department, Miami University Ohio

“Partnering with Brailsford & Dunlavey and Second Nature to re-evaluate our carbon reduction plans has been incredibly valuable in reimagining our path forward to carbon neutrality.  The B&D team’s unique ability to engage in highly technical discussions and then translate them to overall university strategy is impressive.  Their work has offered clear insight to improve our timeline for decarbonization by including the true financial and environmental costs of continuing our business-as-usual approach compared with pursuing an optimal path forward.  Thanks to B&D, we now have more effective tools to engage our campus community around accelerating our commitment to carbon neutrality.  I highly encourage other institutions to apply for this great opportunity to partner with B&D’s experts to develop the right path forward for their institution.” 
-Matt Brubaker, Energy Manager, SUNY Cortland

“The team we worked with at Brailsford & Dunlavey were excellent – true teammates who really tailored an expedited Climate Action Roadmap to our university profile.  I would recommend any HEI looking to seriously and expeditiously map out their decarbonization strategy to work with the team at Brailsford & Dunlavey, it was time well-spent.” 

Brad Spanbauer, Director of Sustainability, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh


“It was wonderful to work with the Brailsford & Dunlavey team.  They facilitated cross-campus conversations and synthesized data in a timely fashion, and in a way we had not been able to previously achieve.  We are very grateful to them for propelling our sustainability planning and climate action plan forward.”  Alison Ormsby, Co-Director of Sustainability, University of North Carolina Asheville