Companies and higher education institutions call for a global phase down of ‘super pollutant’ hydrofluorocarbons


Washington, D.C. — A group of companies and higher education institutions are calling on President Trump and his administration to back—and the U.S. Senate to ratify—the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol, which sets the stage for the global phase down of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs).

“We support the development of well-designed implementing actions to phase down HFC production and use,” the 48 signatories wrote in a set of letters submitted this week to President Trump. “We see significant advantages to an orderly phase-down of HFCs and their replacement with next-generation chemicals—replacement products that have been developed by American companies and whose production will benefit the U.S. economy.”

Primarily used for cooling and refrigeration, HFCs are a type of greenhouse gases known as “super-pollutants” because they are thousands of times more potent than carbon dioxide. If left unchecked, emissions from HFCs will increase to as much as 19 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 as global population and demand for air conditioning continues to grow.

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