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One week before forum

Create Forum Day Logistics Checklist (Working Group: Logistics/Programming)

Conveners are encouraged to utilize the Master Checklist spreadsheet to aid the Logistics/Programming working group in compiling a list of action items for forum day logistics. Together with other members of the planning committee, the working group will create an all-encompassing task list. Aim to distribute this checklist, or remind personnel members, two days ahead of the cross-sector climate forum. 

Drafting Forum Feedback Form (Working Group: Marketing and Communications)

In addition to continued marketing efforts, the Marketing and Communications working group may begin drafting a feedback form, in both physical and digital format, to be distributed prior to the close of the forum to capture feedback from attendees. Note that the feedback form will be distributed via email after the forum as well. 

Generally, organizers may consider asking the following questions of forum attendees: 

  • Which presentation or activity did you enjoy most or find the most thought-provoking?
  • Do you believe the forum helped achieve its goal/objective of [insert goal/objective]? 
  • What other topics would you like to see discussed or considered in the future?
  • How could  we improve future forums of this type in terms of content and execution?