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One day before forum

Depending on its availability, organizers may or may not have access to the venue a day before the forum. This problem can be overcome by booking the venue for two days or discussing with the facilities manager to obtain access to the venue during set-up. While procedures may vary by school, the venue should be prepared in advance of the forum. Therefore, the event chair and the Logistics/Programming working group may use this opportunity to conduct a rehearsal or walkthrough of the event. 

At the same time, the aforementioned working group may ensure that the amount of chairs and/or tables (including the refreshment and registration tables) are sufficient to accommodate the expected number of attendees. Take note of the location of the nearest restrooms, the position of the refreshment and registration tables, as well as placement cards with directions to the venue. Similar rundown should also be done for breakout rooms if applicable. Together with IT support, test of audio/visual equipment should be conducted to troubleshoot any issues prior to the start of forum.