Become a Strategic Partner

Partnerships are at the heart of what we do. Without our business, government, and foundation partners we wouldn't be a catalyst for change in higher education.

A partnership with Second Nature is a mutually beneficial relationship. For our network of colleges and universities, our partnerships with corporations, cities, foundations, and non-profits provides access to innovation, expertise, scale, and support; for our partners it means the opportunity to have a positive influence on climate change while also delivering on key themes in their sustainable business strategies.


Second Nature has a proven track record of working with a range of forward-thinking partners to address global climate disruption and the development of a strong green economy.  Each partnership is tailor made and aligned with your specific needs; what’s guaranteed is that our team will work collaboratively with you to develop an innovative and dynamic partnership, with shared value and lasting impact.


By working with experts and service providers, several campuses have achieved carbon neutrality or are well on their way toward achieving it.  Here are links to the stories of two early leaders: American University and Bowdoin College.


Second Nature also provides sponsorship opportunities: for the Higher Ed Climate Leaders Summit, webinars, and other programs.  We also have a strong history of working with foundations, municipalities, and government agencies on initiatives that help meet their specific needs and goals.


Key external corporate partners in 2019 include CustomerFirst Renewables (CFR), Engie, McKinstry, and Siemens.  Second Nature sponsors are listed below, and sponsors for our 2019 Summit are listed here.


Here are links for more details on External Engagement and for Profiles of selected Partners.  Our work with the private sector is guided by our Core Principles for Engagement with Corporate Partners.

Corporate Partners

Leading businesses and institutions engage with Second Nature because of our common goal of addressing global climate disruption. Our corporate partners provide information and resources to support the development of a strong green economy and demonstrate their commitment to sustainability to millions of people worldwide.

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Developed by experts at the University of New Hampshire, the Sustainability Indicator Management and Analysis Platform (SIMAP™) is a new inventory tool for tracking carbon emissions.

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We Are Still In

Second Nature helped coordinate a statement on behalf of US governors, mayors, CEO’s and campus leaders declaring that institutions around the country remain committed to climate action.

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