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Carbon Management & Greenhouse Gas Mitigation

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Planning for Mitigation Reducing the output of greenhouse gas emissions is one of the most critical responses to climate change, which is why it plays a central role in implementing the Carbon and Climate Commitments. The direct reductions of on-campus emissions is often a tangible and highly successful demonstration of sustainability policy; something to bring […]

Colorado College Becomes Carbon Neutral

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Colorado College Becomes Carbon Neutral CC is the first in the Rocky Mountain Region to achieve this milestone—and it didn’t come without student activism and hard work. Now, other universities are following in suit. Jan 24, 2020 Colorado College recently achieved their decade-long goal of becoming completely carbon neutral. This means the university has reached […]



Overview Most of the existing signatories to the Commitments affirm that their work on sustainability saves money. But ensuring that cost savings can occur, that they are properly tracked, and, critically, that they can be reinvested in further climate actions, requires planning and support from several offices on campus. To fully understand the impact of […]

US colleges, universities contract for renewables in sustainability push

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  US colleges, universities contract for renewables in sustainability push   Case Study: A Utility Company Efficiently Sharpens Its Focus on the Credit Risk of New Customers ENERGY EVOLUTION PODCAST Energy Evolution Why solar energy could get even cheaper ENERGY EVOLUTION PODCAST US energy officials push innovation to meet evolving energy needs ENERGY EVOLUTION PODCAST […]

Off-Site Renewable Energy in Competitive Power Market States: “Retail Choice” enables the delivery of least-cost renewables

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Electricity customers in 17 states are able to choose who they buy their electricity supply from. This “retail choice” has become important as campuses look to fulfill their sustainability goals through clean energy supply. Whereas buying off-site renewable energy from your incumbent utility would require the development of a Green Tariff in a vertically-integrated market, […]

Inside Schools’ Race to Carbon-Neutrality

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THE MAGAZINE OF THE SIERRA CLUB Photo by Dennis Wegewijs/iStock Inside Schools’ Race to Carbon-Neutrality Universities can’t yet reach carbon-zero, so some buy the title “carbon-neutral” By Jessica Myers | Sep 9 2021 American universities’ race to become “carbon-neutral” is on. From Arizona State University to American University, schools east and west are claiming their campuses are carbon-neutral—that’s what […]