Offset Network


Colgate University entered into a 15-year agreement to purchase 5,000 tons of carbon offsets annually through native tree reforestation in the Chilean Patagonia.

The Offset Network was developed as a web-resource, sharing platform, and educational tool for institutions of Higher Education. Recognizing the need to share best practices, Duke University, Oberlin College, and the University of Florida partnered with Second Nature to create this resource to help expand the options for developing offset projects to better integrate curriculum development, academic research, student involvement, and community engagement.

Signatories interested in developing university-funded offset projects are encouraged to get involved!


  • The Oberlin Project
  • Duke University Carbon Offsets Initiative
  • University of Florida Neutral UF Coalition


Diagram illustrating carbon offset project development.

The Offset Network brings together institutions of higher education to make carbon offset projects more accessible, innovative, and scalable. It provides easy access to case studies, protocols, and general project development pathways to help institutions develop offset projects. In addition, the Offset Network is working with Second Nature to expand the options for 3rd party verification and provide a framework for innovative projects seeking to develop novel carbon reduction methods. This partnership will decrease the cost of offset projects, and encourage research and development by leveraging the academic expertise that exists within institutions.


The Offset Network and Second Nature will:

  • Develop criteria for reviewing peer-reviewed offset projects
  • Organize a network of individuals and institutions who can review projects
  • Share case studies of existing offset projects and protocols

Originally launched in late 2016, the Offset Network will provide ongoing support to institutions working to develop their own carbon offset projects.

Photos and images courtesy of The Offset Network.