Transportation Climate Initiative

Working with Ceres, 20 signatory presidents and chancellors from the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic States joined the business community urging state representatives to support the transition to a clean transportation future to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and support increased regional collaboration in the development of those policies.

July 2018

Campus Regional Transportation Sign-on Letter FINAL

Regional Transportation Sign-on Letter FINAL

Ceres Press Release

November 2018

Since we sent the sign-on letter, a number of developments have occurred.

  • At the Global Climate Action Summit in California, Virginia announced that they would join the Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI), adding a critical voice to this regional process.
  • New Jersey, though not officially participating in the listening sessions, has given strong indications that they intend to join the coalition and lead on this issue.
  • Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf, though not yet participating in the listening session process, announced in September that the state will expand electric vehicle and charging station rebates and would expand public charging stations throughout the state.

As the states continue to review the information that came in during the listening sessions, we anticipate some major announcement after the election in late 2018. Once that takes place, if the announcement is for a bold regional policy (such as a cap-and-invest program for transportation emissions) there will be a need for strong voices from the higher education community to step out in support of this strong approach.

December 2018

Ceres Press Release

If you would like to discuss a potential op-ed or other earned media opportunity in support of this effort, please email [email protected]