The University Climate Change Coalition

As leading research institutions, UC3 members are committed to leveraging their institutional strengths to foster a robust exchange of best practices and lessons learned in pursuit of accelerating local climate solutions that reduce greenhouse emissions and build community resilience.

The University Climate Change Coalition, or UC3, is a bold new coalition of leading North American research universities that will prototype a collaborative model designed to help local communities achieve their climate goals and accelerate the transition to a low-carbon future.

In launching UC3, distinguished universities from the United States, Canada and Mexico have committed to mobilize their resources and expertise to accelerate local and regional climate action in partnership with businesses, cities and states, foundations, and other organizations.

UC3 operates in close partnership with Second Nature’s Climate Leadership Network, a group of hundreds of colleges and universities that have committed to taking action on climate.

UC3 2018 Progress Report


Since the University Climate Change Coalition’s (UC3) launch in February 2018, UC3 universities have convened climate leaders in their region from local and state government, private industry and NGOs at cross-sector forums. In a report entitled Research for Solutions: Convening Stakeholders to Galvanize Local Climate Action UC3 highlights how research institutions can play an invaluable role in stepping-up climate action in their communities. Each of the schools are making ambitious strides to reduce their institutional footprint and increase resilience to the shocks of climate change, read the report to find out exactly how. Download