University Climate Change Coalition (UC3)

A coalition of research universities committed to climate action and cross-sector collaboration.

In launching UC3, distinguished universities from the United States, Canada and Mexico committed to mobilizing their resources and expertise to accelerate local and regional climate action in partnership with businesses, cities and states, foundations, and other organizations.For North American research universities committed to climate action and cross-sector collaboration, UC3 is a collaborative coalition that leverages relationships and expertise to accelerate local climate solutions and build community resilience.

UC3 operates in close partnership with Second Nature’s Climate Leadership Network, a group of hundreds of colleges and universities that have committed to taking action on climate.

2020-2025 UC3 Strategic Plan

Moving into the third year since the launch of the UC3 at the 2018 Higher Education Climate Leadership Summit, the Coalition has matured and refined its role as an accelerant of place-based climate solutions and leading voice on the urgency of emissions mitigation and climate resilience actions. This strategic plan represents an updated vision and trajectory for the Coalition, building upon its successes and lessons learned over the past two years from cross-sector forums, internal collaborations, and partnerships with local and regional stakeholders.

You can view the plan here.

You can view and download the printable version of the plan here.

2019 UC3 Impact Report

In just two years of being in existence, the University Climate Change Coalition (UC3) has taken major action in creating climate solutions to help local communities achieve their climate goals and accelerate the transition to a low-carbon future.

You can learn more about the work that has been done, and the accomplishments achieved thus far over the first two years, here.





Previous to the 2019 UC3 Impact Report, was the UC3 2018 Progress Report, which you can still view and download here.