University Climate Change Coalition (UC3)

A core program of Second Nature that connects 23 of the world's leading research universities and university systems committed to accelerating climate action on campus, in communities, and at a global scale.

Working across several spheres of influence, UC3 convenes peer groups and networks to support the implementation of the strategies included in the 2020-2025 UC3 Strategic Plan. The goal of these groups and networks is to help UC3 members improve, scale, and accelerate collective and collaborative climate action. The peer-to-peer connections established through these unique groups and networks are a chance for university heads, faculty, staff, and students to:

The creation of the UC3 Fellows Program.  New UC3 members.  Strides made aligning with the UC3  2020-2025 Strategic Plan.  Read about the 2021 impact of UC3’s work:

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Photo by Giovanna on Unsplash