Rocky Mountain Institute and Business Renewables Center Partnership


Second Nature is partnering with the Rocky Mountain Institute to provide signatories of the Presidents’ Climate Leadership Commitments with complimentary access to the Business Renewables Center (BRC), in order to streamline and facilitate renewable energy procurement. By becoming members in the BRC, signatories will greatly benefit from existing technical resources and can explore additional solutions with the BRC at their discretion.


As a mission-driven, charitable nonprofit institution, the Rocky Mountain Institute’s (RMI) strategic goal is to engage businesses, communities, and institutions to cost-effectively shift to energy efficiency and renewable energy as part of a broader effort to transform global energy use, including transitioning the U.S. off oil and coal by 2050. RMI believes that large organizations have the incentive, scope, and resources to speed up the adoption of renewable energy and is committed to act as a catalyst in the process.

The Rocky Mountain Institute created the Business Renewables Center as a membership consortium aimed at accelerating procurement of off-site, large-scale wind and solar energy.


The BRC makes it easier for organizations to enter the renewable energy market by sharing the hard-earned lessons of the early adopters and providing tools to help first-time buyers up the learning curve so that they successfully complete their first deals faster, easier, and better.

The partnership aims to increase Climate Leadership Network adoption of renewable energy through the BRC Marketplace by:

  • Allowing signatories to browse wind and solar projects in development
  • Providing access to BRC Primers and guides on the complex aspects of large-scale renewable procurement
  • Invitation to semi-annual conferences that bring together market participants and providing a forum for networking and learning.


Second Nature is facilitating complimentary access to the Business Renewables Center through a web-based platform. Members of the Climate Leadership Network will sign an electronic agreement with BRC, and provide their campus logo within four weeks to gain access to the BRC’s online educational materials (including primers, case studies and more) as well as the BRC’s renewable energy project database or Marketplace.

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