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About C2P2

The Carbon Credit and Purchasing Program (C2P2) is an initiative to support colleges and universities in developing and marketing innovative carbon offsets as a way to accelerate their progress towards campus carbon neutrality. Eligible schools can develop carbon offsets on their campuses through energy conservation, energy efficiency, renewable energy, and LEED certified buildings. Proceeds from carbon sales are invested into sustainability projects on campus, allowing schools to achieve greater emissions reductions and pushing communities to develop clean, efficient energy systems. The Carbon Credit and Purchasing Program develops offsets to the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) through a methodology designed specifically for campus-based projects. As the manager of C2P2, Second Nature provides technical and logistical support to schools participating in the program.

Benefits of C2P2 Projects

Participating schools are signatories of the Carbon Commitment or Climate Commitment and have goals of achieving campus carbon neutrality. All proceeds from carbon sales are reinvested into energy reduction projects on campus, allowing schools to reach their carbon neutrality goals and interim targets at a faster rate. In addition, the C2P2 projects provide a number of co-benefits. They offer research opportunities for students and faculty, provide extracurricular engagement opportunities for the campus community, and drive innovation in clean energy and energy efficiency.

For more information please contact Meredith Leigh at [email protected]