Impact Reports and Financial Statements

Financial Profile and Statements

View our audited financial statements and IRS Form 990 on our Platinum rated GuideStar profile.

2018 Impact Report

As this report demonstrates, our 2017-18 year has been filled with examples of how Second Nature has served as both the network driver and participant in initiatives that accelerate climate action in, and through, higher education. This is our mission.

View the 2017-2018 Second Nature Impact Report.


2015 Network Snapshots

The Climate Leadership Network has created tremendous impact and demonstrates that strong leadership makes a difference. For more than 10 years, it has served as a model of climate action both nationally and abroad. This collection of snapshots from the Network looks at progress achieved collaboratively.

View 2015 Network Snapshots.

2014 Second Nature Annual Report

This interactive, web-based, and fully digital report offers an overview of Second Nature’s achievements and changes during the 2014 year, as well as a glimpse of things to come.

View the 2014 Annual Report.