Higher Education Backs We Are Still In Coalition

New Partnerships for Climate Action

On Dec. 19, 2016, we released a letter which was collaboratively developed by a diverse group of higher education Institutions and Second Nature. The letter was sent to the new Congressional delegation and incoming Presidential transition team on January 17, 2017.

Over 235 senior leaders in higher education responded to the call to action. Since then, Second Nature has worked with partners to create a new public site for this letter that demonstrates its alignment with over 1,750 business leaders under the banner of We Are Still In.

With this initiative, we hope to show that support for Climate Leadership comes from many sectors and that the message is clear: threats to progress are real, solutions are important and feasible, and we need to act now.

The We are Still In website has the current list of participants and will be periodically updated with news and new institutions as they join.  If your institution would like to participate, please submit via the form below. For questions or assistance, please contact Michele Madia, Director Education & Partnerships [email protected].

Letter Text

Dear President Trump and Members of the United States Congress:

We, the undersigned leaders of higher education institutions throughout the United States, recognize our academic and ethical responsibilities to current and future generations to take aggressive climate action; to reduce our sector’s carbon pollution, to support interdisciplinary climate education, and to continue research that expands our understanding of rapidly changing earth systems. We are committed to developing and deploying innovative climate solutions that provide a prosperous future for all Americans.

We join our colleagues in the business and investment communities in supporting the science-based targets outlined in the Paris Climate Agreement. In fact, many of our institutions have voluntarily set even more aggressive carbon reduction goals to lead our sector forward and to demonstrate what is possible for others.

Therefore, we ask that you support the following:

1. Participation in the Paris Agreement, with the resulting national carbon reduction and clean energy targets, to protect the health of our current communities and our future generations.

2. Research in our academic institutions and in federal agencies to ensure that our national climate, energy, and security policies are based on leading scientific and technical knowledge.

3. Investments in the low carbon economy as part of a resilient infrastructure to ensure the country can adapt to changing climate hazards. These investments will also help grow American jobs and businesses.

The upcoming transition of federal leadership presents a unique opportunity to address head-on the challenges of climate change by accelerating the new energy economy and creating strong, resilient communities. This is particularly important for those in our communities most vulnerable to climate change. Your support for these three areas is a critical investment in the future of the millions of students we serve. We will continue to prepare graduates for the workforce as well as lead in world-class research and innovation in order to secure a healthier and more prosperous future for all.

We stand ready to assist your incoming Administration and congressional representatives to embrace this opportunity for the nation to meet these unprecedented global challenges.




Watch the Low Carbon USA video

To maximize impact, our Low Carbon USA coalition has created this video, narrated by William Shatner, and accompanying social media language. Download.