2008 Climate Leadership Summit

June 5, 2008

Grand Rapids, Michigan

The 2008 Climate Leadership Summit featured inspiring speakers, provided action-oriented information to combat climate issues and united forward-thinking leaders committed to transitioning from good intentions to strategic transformative action.


  • Ray Anderson, Founder and Chairman of Interface, Inc.
    Education for a secure and Sustainable Future
    Sponsor: Au Sable Institute and Haley & Aldrich

  • T. M. Franklin Cownie, Mayor of the City of Des Moines, Iowa
    The U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Agreement: Opportunities for cross-sectoral partnerships to accelerate greenhouse gas reduction.
    Sponsor: Aramark

  • James L. Elder, Founder, Campaign for Environmental Literacy
    Update on Federal Legislation

College and university presidents and chancellors joined us to learn how they could create a better campus by reducing the carbon footprint of existing buildings, address carbon offsets in climate action plans, incorporate sustainability into curriculum to educate teachers and students, as well as work with their local community to accelerate action toward green house gas reduction.