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The Implementer is Second Nature’s monthly e-newsletter, designed to provide higher education institutions, partners, thought-leaders, and others with information on what has happened, what is happening, and what is coming up in regard to climate action both here at Second Nature and across the higher education sector.  

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Monthly Policy Updates

The Monthly Policy Updates provide you with more information on climate policy efforts and initiatives in your state (and at the federal and global levels when relevant), and about opportunities for your campus to participate in.  Also be sure to visit our Advocacy page to learn even more about our climate advocacy efforts.  

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UC3 Dispatch

Similar to the Implementer, the Dispatch e-newsletter, is an opportunity for University Climate Change Coalition (UC3) members to share how they are accelerating climate action on campuses, in communities, and at a global scale.  The Dispatch is a quarterly e-newsletter.   

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